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Ceasefire: Peaceful Collaboration for Brilliant UX

The relationship between designers and developers can feel like a high-stakes political standoff – and at Brand Fever we know firsthand that it’s easy to get caught in the crosshairs of these opposing forces. We decided to have some fun with the all too familiar battle by creating a video that sums up the frustrations […]

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The Benefits of a CMS

Brand Fever provides solutions.

The benefits of using a CMS or Content Management System to manage your website are many. For managing a website you really have two options: a static website or a database driven website. First, lets understand the difference between the two methods of publishing pages to the internet. Static Content A static website has the […]

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Successful Brand Strategies Begin with Intelligence

Reinventing a brand and changing a company name isn’t something done on the fly. Smart brands and their accompanying messaging strategies must take into account market intelligence. Creative execution has to be thoughtful, inventive and time-withstanding. October marked the month DOW Networks changed their name to AVOXI™ and Brand Fever teamed with them to define new […]

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Marketing Budgets & Building Brand Value

What percentage of revenue should go back into Marketing? This time of year it’s the million dollar question. 2013 budgeting is upon us for most of corporate America. A trusted VP of Sales once shared that his gauge was always the following formula: 1-3% of revenues should be reserved for marketing and 8-10% for sales (including headcount). Much […]

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Brand Fever Honored by American Graphic Design Awards and the W3 Awards

Marketing and Branding Firm Brand Fever Wins Awards - GD USA, W3

Brand Fever is delighted to announce that we have been acknowledged by both the American Graphic Design Awards and the W3 Awards. This is a fabulous achievement for both Brand Fever and our clients! Our firm continues to set the standard for creative excellence year after year and we are very proud of our team […]

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Digital 101: Understanding How the Internet Works Will Benefit Every Web Design Project

programming nirvana

Being a web developer, I’m in the trenches of the web every day. I speak digital, web, interactive, ux, css, html, embed, script, etc. I am familiar and even comfortable with the terms and language of the internet which is too technical and mysterious to those on the outside. I’ve met others who are not […]

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Rebrand Yourself. We did!

Rebrand Yourself. We did! We did what we help our clients do every day. Build our own brand value, through strategic positioning grounded in insights catalyzed with creative excellence. Why Rebrand? It’s been gnawing at me for the last 3 years. We’ve changed who we are and how we do things since entering the industry […]

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Run, Don’t walk to Responsive Web Design

man running down street in a suit

Your customers tell you all the time that they love how wonderfully user-friendly your site is for their working needs. You’ve even collected a few awards that support a job well done. Go ahead, pat yourself on the back. The investment was well worth it. While having lunch with a close, tech-savvy friend you’re feeling pretty […]

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To CMS or Not to CMS? And which one?

Here’s a presentation I put together recently that discusses the benefits to using a CMS as well as a brief look at the big 3, namely WordPress, Drupal and Joomla. The Benefits to a CMS: When to use WordPress, Drupal or Joomla Prezi

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Digital Delight For Nation’s Largest Producer of Baked Goods

You may not be familiar with CSM Bakery Products but you are definitely familiar with its products. CSM offers the most complete portfolio of baking ingredients and products in North America, and many of the world’s largest and most recognized food retailers rely on its products as one of the key ingredients to their businesses. […]

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