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Hot Minute #30: 3 BIG Brand Benefits to New Twitter

Exactly one month ago, Twitter announced that they would be rolling out “new Twitter” to a select group of users like Michelle Obama, the Australian Football League, and Floyd Mayweather. Since then, Twitter has opened up its new features to most users who opt in to the new design, as well as brands who have […]

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Building Brand with Content Marketing

Take a Look at the Right Path When you take a step back and look at it, the movement of building brand through content marketing isn’t that different from the movement behind corporate responsibility. Both ask the company to give back in a way that is valuable to customer or greater society in a less self-serving way. […]

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Marketing Budgets & Building Brand Value

What percentage of revenue should go back into Marketing? This time of year it’s the million dollar question. 2013 budgeting is upon us for most of corporate America. A trusted VP of Sales once shared that his gauge was always the following formula: 1-3% of revenues should be reserved for marketing and 8-10% for sales (including headcount). Much […]

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Digital 101: Understanding How the Internet Works Will Benefit Every Web Design Project

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Being a web developer, I’m in the trenches of the web every day. I speak digital, web, interactive, ux, css, html, embed, script, etc. I am familiar and even comfortable with the terms and language of the internet which is too technical and mysterious to those on the outside. I’ve met others who are not […]

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Personal Branding, A Gallery of Your Self Impression

  Recently, Personal Branding has been something that I’ve become keenly aware of while conducting a career search. Now in my new role as a Marketing & Sales Director I see the term used everywhere. Before, I only noticed it used when describing a celebrity, politician or star athlete and typically not in the best […]

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HubSpot: How To Master Facebook Marketing in 10 Days

Companies of all sizes, from global enterprises to small businesses to start-ups, in almost every industry continue to integrate Facebook into their marketing and communications strategy. Consider that: – 58% of Fortune 500 companies have corporate Facebook pages (The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Center for Marketing Research and msnbc.com) – 35% of small businesses utilize […]

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AppNation and Digital Atlanta 2011

Digital Atlanta 2011 kicks off on November 7 for its second year of celebrating the technology and new media marketing achievements of Atlanta. Formerly Social Media Atlanta, the week-long series of events will take place at numerous venues across the metro area and is a ‘can’t miss’ event for companies, agencies and individuals that want […]

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Be Part of the Solution, Not Part of the Problem

Jay Baer is one of the country’s most recognized and renowned authorities on the subject of social media and its effective application in business. His consultancy, Convince and Convert, works with companies to build integrated, measurable social and content programs. He’s worked with over 700 brands since 1994, is a prolific blogger, professional speaker and […]

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