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Ceasefire: Peaceful Collaboration for Brilliant UX

The relationship between designers and developers can feel like a high-stakes political standoff – and at Brand Fever we know firsthand that it’s easy to get caught in the crosshairs of these opposing forces. We decided to have some fun with the all too familiar battle by creating a video that sums up the frustrations […]

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Successful Brand Strategies Begin with Intelligence

Reinventing a brand and changing a company name isn’t something done on the fly. Smart brands and their accompanying messaging strategies must take into account market intelligence. Creative execution has to be thoughtful, inventive and time-withstanding. October marked the month DOW Networks changed their name to AVOXI™ and Brand Fever teamed with them to define new […]

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Digital 101: Understanding How the Internet Works Will Benefit Every Web Design Project

programming nirvana

Being a web developer, I’m in the trenches of the web every day. I speak digital, web, interactive, ux, css, html, embed, script, etc. I am familiar and even comfortable with the terms and language of the internet which is too technical and mysterious to those on the outside. I’ve met others who are not […]

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QR Code Badvertising and The Future of Digital Tangible Design

QR CODES WERE AN EXCITING TECHNOLOGY FOR MARKETERS, BUT WHAT’S THE CONSUMER REALITY? FACT: Out of 300 MILLION mobile device users in the US Only 14 MILLION users have interacted with a QR code … That is less than 5% of the American public. Why is the QR Code User Population so Small? Limited installed base of […]

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Gamification – A Brand Strategists New BFF

Gamification is taking the thought processes and technologies from the gaming world to create a better user experience (UX). It’s a method brand strategists have come to love because it helps them achieve three important objectives: 1. Bring an element of fun to what would normally be a mundane brand experience. Note: Imagine how boring Foursquare would be […]

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Run, Don’t walk to Responsive Web Design

man running down street in a suit

Your customers tell you all the time that they love how wonderfully user-friendly your site is for their working needs. You’ve even collected a few awards that support a job well done. Go ahead, pat yourself on the back. The investment was well worth it. While having lunch with a close, tech-savvy friend you’re feeling pretty […]

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The PURL … A Gem of Modern Day Prospecting

Prospecting for one’s fortune during America’s Gold Rush of the 1840 – 50’s meant a long day of running a pan through a sandy creek bottom and coming-up with no more than cold, shriveled-up hands.  Thankfully, 2012 prospecting comes in many online and off-line forms that are powered more by the mind and less by physical […]

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AppNation and Digital Atlanta 2011

Digital Atlanta 2011 kicks off on November 7 for its second year of celebrating the technology and new media marketing achievements of Atlanta. Formerly Social Media Atlanta, the week-long series of events will take place at numerous venues across the metro area and is a ‘can’t miss’ event for companies, agencies and individuals that want […]

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Digital Delight For Nation’s Largest Producer of Baked Goods

You may not be familiar with CSM Bakery Products but you are definitely familiar with its products. CSM offers the most complete portfolio of baking ingredients and products in North America, and many of the world’s largest and most recognized food retailers rely on its products as one of the key ingredients to their businesses. […]

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