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Are The Best Brands B Corps?

There’s a B Corp boom happening in the branding business. Sandwiched between a greater push for authenticity, transparency, and value commitments, the phrase B Corp now stands as the certified symbol of success — ethically speaking. Becoming a B Corp means brands and businesses can now be vetted on the features mentioned above, by a […]

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Design Pulp: 6 Methods For Juicing Up Your Corporate Communication Strategy

Picture this.  A designer and a pro communicator happen to strike up conversation over a busy noon-hour lunch counter. “I just don’t know how to engage employees, connect to them, or make them feel like part of the bigger picture,” the communicator admits with a heavy sigh. The designer finishes the last bite of his […]

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Hear About His Brand Journey – AVOXI CEO

Meet AVOXI CEO, David Wise. October marked the month DOW Networks changed their name to AVOXI and Brand Fever teamed with them to create a new visual identity system, logo, tradeshow booth and website that took the global VoIP (Voice Internet Protocal) call center business by storm. In this interview we hear from David Wise […]

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