Ceasefire: Peaceful Collaboration for Brilliant UX


The relationship between designers and developers can feel like a high-stakes political standoff – and at Brand Fever we know firsthand that it’s easy to get caught in the crosshairs of these opposing forces.

We decided to have some fun with the all too familiar battle by creating a video that sums up the frustrations of the web design and development process based on the hard-won lessons we’ve learned about collaboration at Brand Fever since our founding in 1997.

Terms of Agreement – Do’s and Don’ts

Here are some basic tips to establish and maintain a no-conflict zone between designers and developers.

Do: Base your choices – whether you’re a designer or developer – on cold hard facts. In order for both the developer and designer to accomplish the objectives of the client, you need to know what exactly they’re trying to achieve with their website.

Don’t: Underestimate the power of learning to speak each other’s language – at least the basics. Designers can help themselves by learning basic HTML, and developers can display flexibility in adapting to the designers software preferences (e.g. Illustrator vs. Photoshop).

Do: Communicate prior to and during the design to avoid unrealistic expectations for how a design can be implements – and the inevitable crushing disappointment that follows.

Don’t: Assume the developer has the same eye for detail and level of appreciation for your layout. To avoid discrepancies in spacing, padding, colors, etc. provide exact requirements

Do: Gain an understanding of browser limitations and keep them in mind as you design. While you should expect a developer to be able to resolve any issues – you might have to accept that it could mean tweaking the design.

Don’t: Lose sight of the common goal – brilliant UX. User experience should be the primary concern for both the designer and developer – and anyone else involved in creating a website.

Do: Clear your cache before telling the developer that you can’t see their latest round of edits.