Hot Minute #33: The World Is Watching: Brands Making Moves Ahead of the World Cup Kickoff


The World Cup. The beautiful game. ESPN said it best: today, we all live in one time zone.

Whether viewed in a backyard or a bodega, the world will be watching, waiting, and anticipating what stunts their favorite brands will bring out next.

To marketers and creative teams, this is an enormous opportunity to engage both globally and locally. Ads that are broadcast during the event are often years in the making, developed shortly after the host country is announced by FIFA.

No matter your hometown or preferred jersey colors, the World Cup exists to unite and engage fans the world over in the spirit of camaraderie and renewed global optimism.

Here are a few brands that are making moves today:

Beats by Dre, Activia, Coca-Cola, and ESPN are a few brands sharing their World Cup anthems via social media. With stunning cinematography and local musical talent, these anthems are a reminder that music will always serve as a powerful lingua franca.

Coca-Cola, one of the world’s largest creative giants when it comes to shared experiences, has built a Photomosaic flag designed to broadcast 223,206 “selfies” on the Sao Paolo kickoff field today. The story behind the flag is an interesting one: working side by side with Speto, a Brazilian street artist, and Tec, an Argentinian creative, the company sent off a collaborative painting to be digitized for the special canvas. Hear James Sommerville, VP of Global Design, explain the creative concepts and build-out behind the “Happiness Flag”.

Nike has jumped leaps and bounds ahead with its video content, created in partnership with ad agency Wieden+Kennedy, by producing this 5-minute animated piece as part of its “Risk Everything” campaign. An in-game meets fantasy football style video, Nike is letting imaginations run wild — quite literally.

Of course, with all the branded campaigns surrounding the beautiful game, there will be some confusion.

Flip-flop brand Havianas, popular with beach-going brand lovers, has gotten into some hot water for producing these Brazilian flip flops without FIFA approval.

Either way, fans are eating it up and enjoying the show. For more on tropical vacation getaways, click here.