Hot Minute #30: 3 BIG Brand Benefits to New Twitter


Exactly one month ago, Twitter announced that they would be rolling out “new Twitter” to a select group of users like Michelle Obama, the Australian Football League, and Floyd Mayweather. Since then, Twitter has opened up its new features to most users who opt in to the new design, as well as brands who have already begun experimenting with the new features.

Here are three BIG brand benefits to the new web interface:

(1) Put a pin on it.

Marketers and social managers are thrilled to see the new “pin” function take effect, a move away from what’s been seen on Facebook, where brands are experiencing dramatic, frustrating cuts in visibility to audience news feeds. Like LinkedIn’s Company Pages, brands can now “pin” Tweets to their pages, giving social marketers control over their most notable content. Users have already begun sighting the benefits, like emergency situations, safety recalls, and customer service announcements, circumventing the need to go through additional search steps via a website or search engine.

(2) Brand fans always get what they want.

Although brands will have more control over what gets seen and when, users will also have the ability to choose which content they want to see, in the form of written Tweets or visual Tweets like Instagram photos and Vine videos. The filtering system changes how audiences choose to interact and engage with content, so a strategy around subtle differences in voice and tone will be necessary.

(3) Meet your new billboard — the header image.

Chobani, Xbox, Windows, Ford and McDonalds are already grasping the importance of shareable, likable, and “favorite”-able visual content. Some, like Xbox, are using the space as an advertising hub, switching up the header image to communicate new game releases.

To stand out on new Twitter, brand will need to develop a new visual identity that communicates short messages with on-brand characteristics. Preference is given to brands who keep their social profiles “fresh”, swapping out header images, icons, and ways of engaging.

Your cheat sheet on New Twitter’s dimensions:

  • Header photo: 1500px (width) and 500px (height)
  • Invisible area testing template click

While the new rollout has already begun, Twitter says that there will be no changes to mobile — for the time being — even though 75% of Twitter users interact with the social network on mobile devices. However, keep an eye out for updates on Twitter’s mobile UI, where changes to the interface and new focus on visual messaging are sure to change how we engage and interact in short form bursts.

How will your brand develop turnkey visual messaging that’s both “on brand” and on point with what customers want?