Hot Minute #32: Is a Lack of Reciprocity Costing You Business?


It’s one thing to broadcast, but another to listen. Broadcasting never was the point of social media, after all.

If you want to be a rare brand — a really rare brand that people regard with high honor or view as a friend — then reciprocity is key.

Humans reciprocate all the time. If brands are serious about being (not just acting) authentically human, then reciprocation is part and parcel with brand DNA.

Reciprocation means:

– Liking a fan’s Instagram photo from the weekend
– Following someone who admires you on Facebook
– Admiring someone YOU (you, as in you, representing a brand) admire on Facebook
– Doing small favors, like sending a few samples or covetable freebies
– Going out of your way to call someone after a purchase, to simply ask, “So, how is it working so far?”

Short bursts of delight add up to big brand impressions.

Nine out of ten times, we’re surprised that a brand would go the extra mile to seek *us* out, or to show interest in our lives. It makes us feel good, and we support people that support us back.

Today, what can you do to return the favor?