Run, Don’t walk to Responsive Web Design

Your customers tell you all the time that they love how wonderfully user-friendly your site is for their working needs. You’ve even collected a few awards that support a job well done. Go ahead, pat yourself on the back. The investment was well worth it.

While having lunch with a close, tech-savvy friend you’re feeling pretty good about yourself so, you ask her what she thinks of your website.  You fully expect another pat on the back but instead she takes the wind from your sails when she looks up from her smart phone and says it’s horribly unresponsive. What!? She precedes to tell you that your site is not mobile friendly. Your jaw drops as you give your friend a blank stare.


Your tech-savvy friend to the rescue

To calm your nerves your friend assures you that a solution is within reach and it’s called responsive web design. She explains that modern website design must consider all the ways visitors experience your site. Obviously yours is set to a static desktop breakpoint which is 960px. It’s important to note that web users are gradually moving away from the desktop and becoming more comfortable using mobile devices like tablets and smart phones which can range between 1024/768px and 320 x 480px (depending on orientation). Responsive web design creates fluidity between all viewports.

Even with your friend’s insightful explanation you tell her it would be nice to see a website that does it well.  She does one better by showing you a responsive web design demo created by a Senior UX Consultant and Interface Designer, James Mellers. Looking at your friends smartphone you see for yourself how a site responds when the user decides to change orientation from landscape to vertical. You still have that “deer in the headlights” look so your friend pulls a tablet from her case. She shows you the same Mellers demo and you see the image has adjusted for the tablet screen and it performs the same response when there’s a change in orientation.

Hey! Where are you going?

You haven’t eaten your lunch! Running away from the table with phone in your ear you shout, “I’m scheduling a responsive web design meeting with my agency.” She curtly yells back, “Don’t worry, I’ll pay the tab.”

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  1. Posted April 25, 2012 at 2:06 pm | Permalink

    Mobile First! Great blog post. The beauty about thinking this way is you start to clear the clutter which results in a better online experience from mobile to desktop. This allows for strategic content to be KING!

    I was at a conference and learned a good way to approach this with your client is to have them envision their site on a banner ad. What stays and what goes?