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  • About Us

    Building brand value one experience at a time

    In the 24/7 world we live in, your brand doesn’t sleep. It is on, all the time. Making meaningful connections through engaging experiences. Delivering results and driving value at every touch point – online, offline and mobile. Becoming a brand of substance and sustainability. That’s where Brand Fever lives. Providing integrated marketing solutions based on intelligence, brand strategy and creative excellence.

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  • Digital

    Digital advertising services and intuitive design

    Brand Fever is a full-service digital ad agency. For more than a decade, we have provided companies here in Atlanta customized intelligent design and web development solutions. We understand digital marketing starts with your website, and we go to great lengths to build sites that put brand and user-experience first. We can effectively communicate your vision without sacrificing functionality, and create a website that embodies your value as a company.

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  • Who We Support

    Committed to our community

    A deep conviction to donate our time and talents touches three worthwhile not-for-profit organizations that have captured our hearts: The High Museum of Art Wine Auction, Childkind and City of Refuge. From supporting the arts to women and children in need, we enthusiastically give back to the community and are honored to work for such worthy causes.

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  • Intelligence


    Before creativity emerges, intelligence reigns. We employ methodical processes for qualitative research, competitive assessment and brand vision workshops along with communication and brainstorming – all intrinsic to successful outcomes. Strategies that deliver against objectives are valued as much as imagination.

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  • Strategy


    An eye on culture. A taste for setting trends. And a feel for the perceptions and behaviors that motivate people. From articulating value proposition and identifying brand positioning to integrating all things brand, clients turn to us for our innate ability to set them apart from the competition and to build brand value.

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  • Creative


    A fever for creative excellence is in our DNA. Our innovative, experienced visionaries possess exceptional talent for visual expression. Their award-winning work can be found on websites, microsites, mobiles sites and mobile Apps as well as at international trade shows, in print and advertising and more.

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